In recent years, Ukraine more and more confidently has been regaining the status of the breadbasket of Europe. The export of agricultural products has already become the main article in the foreign currency earnings of our country.

We are well aware of all the difficulties that agricultural companies face in modern Ukraine – corporate raiding, pressure from inspection bodies, difficulties in attracting long and cheap financial resources and difficulties with long-term planning of their activities.

PRAVOVEST experts have extensive experience in legal support of large agricultural holdings and private farms, traders, financial institutions and investment funds in the evaluation of agricultural enterprises.


  • Legal audit of land plots.
  • Conclusion of land lease agreements.
  • Protection against asset-grabbing actions.
  • Creation of joint ventures.
  • Taxation, transfer pricing.
  • Public-private partnership.
  • Export-import operations, customs control.
  • Legal Due Diligence of investment projects.
  • Legal support of M&A, attraction of debt financing and share capital.
  • Intellectual property rights registration, representing interests in pre-trial and court proceedings.
  • Building cooperation relationships with government agencies.
  • Dispute resolution with competitors/contractors/government agencies in pre-trial and court proceedings.
  • Litigation.
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