Banks and Financial Services

PRAVOVEST Law Firm has been one of the leading legal advisors for Ukrainian banks for several years.

We are #1 in Ukraine for returning stolen assets to banks.

PRAVOVEST has accreditation in the Deposit Guarantee Fund in representing interests in the courts and protecting the rights of insolvent banks and banks, which are liquidated.

We help to solve the problems of both banks and insurance companies in occurrences of legal difficulties in working with customers trying to implement fraudulent schemes, as well as customers while protecting against illegal claims of financial institutions.

Illegal output of property used as collateral for the loan is one of the most pressing problems for Ukrainian banks. Under belt of our lawyers are hundreds of real estate property rights that have returned to banks and worth dozens of millions of dollars.


  • Countering schemes for an illegal output of property used as collateral for the loan.
  • Support of the procedure for the purchase of collateral real estate from banks and financial institutions.
  • Audit and support of transactions for the purchase of rights of claims (cession).
  • Develop a strategy for action and litigation between financial companies and clients.
  • Debt restructuring.
  • Return of mortgaged property to the bank’s ownership/restoration of an entry in the state register of property rights and encumbrances.
  • Investigation and identification of fraudulent schemes of customers receiving refunds from insurance companies.
  • Public and private placements of debt securities, incl. on foreign stock exchanges.
  • Support of transactions for attracting investment capital, obtaining credit funds, entering into leasing contracts.
  • Registration of rights to objects of intellectual property, advocate the interests in pre-trial and judicial proceedings.
  • Recovery of collateral property in pre-trial proceedings.
  • Out-of-court settlement of disputes.
  • Intellectual property rights registration, representing interests in pre-trial and court proceedings.
  • Return of deposits and current account money from bankrupt banks.
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