Prevailing technologies that are used for power generation determine the structure of the world economy and geopolitical role of a certain country or region.

Ukraine is endowed with enormous natural resources` potential and its own system of electricity generation. On the contrary, outworn infrastructure and obsolescent industrial enterprizes make Ukraine one of the weakest in energy efficiency European countries.

Dynamic amendments to legislation, and nor less rapid changes of line ministers or local authorities` representatives, tax and excise rates changes – all of the above raises the requirements as regards legal assistance of the energy sector`s companies, allocated in Ukraine.

PRAVOVEST`s team has assumed expertize and extensive background in Ukrainian oil&gas industry, renewable energy sector, interaction with government authorities, development of public-private partnership.


  • Assistance in obtaining licenses & permissions for geologic exploration, energy generation, and supplies.
  • Due Diligence of investment projects.
  • Support for M&A transactions, leverage and entering the stock market.
  • Drafting and concluding production sharing agreements & joint venture agreements.
  • Competition law practice & expertize.
  • Efficient interaction with government authorities.
  • Consulting and search for the best-anticipated decisions on taxation, transfer pricing.
  • IP rights registration, defending client`s interests, including representation in court.
  • Dispute resolution between client and competitors/contractors/governmental bodies in pre-judicial dispute settlement and in trial.
  • Litigation at any stage.
  • Enforcement of judicial decisions.
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