Ukraine has the richest reserves of minerals, from hydrocarbons to rare earth metals. Unfortunately, the country has so far realized little of its potential, and imports oil and gas, although in the past century it was their exporter.

Not favorable investment climate, a volatile legal field, and difficulties in passing all licensing procedures are the main reasons for the weak interest of international mining companies to the depths of Ukraine.

However, information about the conduct of an audit by a foreign company to enter the Ukrainian market periodically becomes known. And although not all reach the end of this path, there are successful examples.

Experts of PRAVOVEST understand the peculiarities of domestic and international legislation in order to obtain all permits and licenses to start the exploitation of mineral deposits, their processing and transportation, and their sale in Ukraine and abroad.

In 2018, every fifth minerals and petroleum licensing for exploration and extraction in Ukraine was obtained with the support of our lawyers.


  • Assistance in obtaining licenses and permits for exploration and mining.
  • Drafting and conclusion of production sharing agreements, joint ventures.
  • Legal Due Diligence of investment projects.
  • Legal support of M&A, attraction of debt financing and share capital.
  • Taxation, transfer pricing.
  • Building cooperation relationships with government agencies.
  • Dispute resolution with competitors / contractors / government agencies in pre-trial and court proceedings.
  • Litigation.
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