Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

The pharmaceutical industry is among the most legislative controlled. Historically, pharmacists are constantly working in conjunction with lawyers – the slightest non-compliance with established standards can lead to huge losses or even bankruptcy of the company.

In addition, it is difficult to find another such business area in which the protection of intellectual property rights matters so much.

Strategic planning in the context of constantly changing legislation, compliance with antitrust laws, establishing effective communications with government agencies – PRAVOVEST lawyers have extensive experience in providing services to manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, importers, distributors, and investors.


  • Company registration, assistance in obtaining all necessary licenses and permits.
  • Preparation of documents for participation in public tenders.
  • Legal Due Diligence of investment projects.
  • Legal support of M&A, attraction of debt financing and share capital.
  • Dispute resolution with competitors/contractors/government agencies in pre-trial and court proceedings.
  • Litigation at any stage.
  • Creation of joint ventures.
  • Conclusion and performance of contracts.
  • Representation of clients’ interests during investigations by antimonopoly bodies.
  • Building cooperation relationships with government agencies.
  • Taxation, transfer pricing.
  • Patenting.
  • Intellectual property rights registration, representing interests in pre-trial and court proceedings.
  • Legal examination of advertising materials of medicinal products.
  • Legal support for registration of medicines.
  • Identify and fighting against counterfeit goods.
  • Recognition of trademarks as well-known.
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