Pravovest won a dispute with the State Property Fund and the Ministry of Economy regardingthe privatization of the Dnipro Electric Locomotive Plant

The Kyiv District Administrative Court took the side of the Pravovest Law Firm in a dispute on the recognition as illegal the inclusion of the Dnipro Electric Locomotive Plant in the list of objects to be privatized.

In the spring of 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a list of large-scale privatization objects, for sale in 2018. The list also included the state enterprise Dnipro Electric Locomotive Plant.

Pravovest, which had previously purchased the rights of claim on the company’s debt, and becoming its creditor, filed a lawsuit to exclude the plant from the list of large-scale privatization.

The Cabinet of Ministers excluded the plant from the list of objects for sale.

However, in December 2018, the government included the plant in the list of properties for sale already within of small-scale privatization.

Thus, the second order was successfully appealed by Pravovest.

Head of the project – Denis Shkiptan, senior partner at Pravovest Law Firm. Leading specialist – Denis Kryzhovyi, lawyer at Pravovest Law Firm.

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