Real Estate and Construction

The construction industry is one of the main spheres in the economy of each country. Among others, building constructions require involvement of numerous companies from other spheres (transport, infrastructure, energy, engineering, metallurgy etc.).

Notwithstanding economic difficulties in Ukraine, in the past decades, there are more and more “building booms” in the big cities. Though increased activity in this sphere may hold additional risks for its participants.

Lack of unoccupied building land plots, excessive pressure on engineering networks,  oppressive regulations and successive reformations is not a full list of difficulties which are experienced by building companies and their contractors.

PRAVOVEST has extensive experience in assistance of building projects and real estate agreements, maintaining the role of a reliable partner for the clients.


  • Legal audit of real estate.
  • Public-private partnership.
  • Assistance in real estate purchase agreements.
  • Registration and cancellation of encumbrances to immovable property.
  • Registration of property rights.
  • Drafting documents and receipt of permits.
  • Documentation for the beginning of construction work.
  • Obtaining all the documentation and permits of state bodies to carry out construction works of any complexity.
  • Legitimation of unauthorized constructions/alterations/reconstructions and making amendments to any technical characteristics of real estate units.
  • Resolving disputes with local authorities.
  • Property litigation with private/state enterprises.
  • Support for the mortgage real estate redemption from banks and financial institutions
  • Return of mortgaged property to the bank’s ownership/restoration of an entry in the State Register for Real Estate Property Rights & Encumbrances.
  • IP rights registration, defending client`s interests, including representation in court.
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